Why You Ought To Accept Premature Ejaculation As Something Natural

Why You Ought To Accept Premature Ejaculation As Something Natural

A lot of guys mistakenly believe that they are already lousy lovers if they came too quickly in bed once or twice. While the subject is still considered as something rather taboo among most men, experiencing premature ejaculation from time to time is quite normal.

Sure the experience of coming too soon during sex can be very awkward for you and your partner but it’s nothing to be embarrassed about really. You just probably need to take note of the following pointers the next time you get between the sheets with your wife or girlfriend…

Firstly, you need to have a more positive mindset about lovemaking if you’re looking to last longer on your next sex session. Most men think of sex as a contest of pride and machismo; the longer that they can go on in bed without ejaculating, the more masculine they feel.

Unfortunately, this only leads to a sense of extreme pressure among guys. They ultimately forget that sex is supposed to be fun and exciting, not a test of manhood. As a result, they get so nervous about coming too soon during making love that they unknowingly do just that without warning.

Secondly, you have to keep in mind that premature ejaculation happens even to the most experienced Casanovas. No matter how adept you may think you are when it comes to lovemaking, there will come a time when you’ll reach orgasm and ejaculate faster than you’d like to.

Aside from too much sexual excitement, premature ejaculation also often occurs if you haven’t made love for quite some time. The longer you haven’t had a trip between the sheets with your wife or girlfriend, the bigger your chances are of ejaculating too quickly.

Thirdly, women can still get as much sexual pleasure even if they don’t achieve orgasm immediately. Even though you’ve already ejaculated, you can still stimulate her erogenous zones until she reaches the point of no return herself.

Apart from your wife’s or girlfriend’s vagina and clitoris, focusing on her other erogenous spots like the breasts, neck, wrists and nape is a great way to give her the sexual satisfaction she wants without the actual need for penetration.

Finally, comparing yourself to male porn stars is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make when preventing premature ejaculation is concerned. Sure those guys may look like they can last for hours but a porn film is just like any other movie ever made…it involves a lot of cuts, retakes and editing just to make it look as realistic as possible.

Unless you always come too quickly each time you make love to your wife or girlfriend, experiencing premature ejaculation from time to time is just a sign that you’re a totally normal guy. (How about checking out these tips on how to easily get her naked just to make the deal even sweeter?)

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