The Right Ways To Ask For Anal Sex

The Right Ways To Ask For Anal Sex

Having anal sex is perhaps one of the biggest fantasies of men across the globe. And if you’re anything like most guys, you’ve probably experienced getting rejected by your wife or girlfriend more times than you’d care to mention when it comes to “getting in the backdoor”.

Unlike what most people think, however, there are ways to successfully convince your partner to try anal sex. Now I’m not saying that pulling it off will be easy, but here are a few pointers that can help you raise your chances of success…

#1 – Begging doesn’t help.

When it comes to asking your wife or girlfriend for anal sex, begging is perhaps the biggest mistake that you will ever make. Apart from making you look desperate, it will make it look like a sacrifice for her and a treat for you, instead of something you can both enjoy. No matter how hard you try, begging will only make the idea of trying anal sex off-putting for your partner.

#2 – Tell her how much her butt turns you on.

Changing your wife’s or girlfriend’s perspective about anal sex should be your first goal if you’re looking to get in the backdoor on your next lovemaking session. You can start by complimenting your partner how sexy her butt looks and how much it turns you on.

You can expect to get a surprising reaction when you do this. She might shrug the whole thing off, she may laugh or she might even appreciate the compliment! Whatever her reaction is, just stay calm and patient. What’s really important is that you established in her mind that her butt is such a turn on for you.

#3 – Take time to stimulate her anus bit by bit.

Penetration isn’t the only way the anus can be stimulated. Just sticking your penis in right then and there can totally blow your chances of getting your wife or girlfriend to try anal sex ever. You can either start by caressing her butt cheeks with your fingers or kissing them all over gently. This way, you can build up a pleasurable association to having her butt and anus stimulated. Most women believe that anal sex is uncomfortable. Show her the opposite by making her feel good when you stimulate her butt like her other erogenous zones.

#4 – Make her feel that her anus is a sexual lure for you.

Although most women are not that dominant between the sheets, they find it very sexy when they call the shots in the bedroom from time to time. Make sure you establish the idea that penetrating her anus is one of your ultimate sexual lures. Tell her how much you’ve wanted to have anal sex without sounding desperate and coercive… and you might just have your chance sooner or later.

Oh, and don’t forget to stock up on lubrication as soon as you can. You never know when you’ll get lucky! (Now here are a few pointers how to really give her an orgasm.)


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