How To REALLY Give Her An Orgasm

How To REALLY Give Her An Orgasm

If you’re anything like most men, giving your wife or girlfriend a mind-blowing orgasm is on top of your checklist when you’re getting down and dirty. However, unless she is relaxed and comfortable enough, chances are you won’t be able to give her one no matter how hard you try.

See, the female sexual arousal process is much different from ours. While us guys can get ready for a lovemaking session at the drop of a hat, women need to be stimulated thoroughly before they get between the sheets.

And so unless your wife or girlfriend is truly ready for a sex session, she won’t enjoy the action in the bedroom anytime soon even if you are true Casanova.

Now let’s get right down to the important details…

Unlike what most people think, women are very sexual beings. They enjoy making love as much as we do. The only difference is that women need more than just physical stimulation to get them going. If you’re looking to give your wife or girlfriend an orgasm, you have to stimulate her mentally first.

Now that may sound rather complicated but the truth is you only have to remember a few pointers to successfully pull it off. Here are the things you should take note of the next time you have sex to give her an orgasm she will never forget:

Take things slow.

Rushing her into sex is perhaps the biggest mistake you will ever make if you’re aiming to give her an orgasm. Women need to feel as relaxed as possible before they can be sexually aroused – or else they will just end up being anxious the whole time. Always remember that you’ve got to warm her up first before anything else.

Don’t tell her you are going to give her an orgasm.

Telling your wife or girlfriend that you are going to give her orgasm can instantly ruin the mood for her. Apart from making your partner feel pressured that she has to achieve orgasm to please you, she will also expect a lot from you during sex to do just that. Just focus on giving your wife or girlfriend as much pleasure as you can and you’ll make her reach the point of no return sooner than you think.

Don’t stop at just one.

Women are capable of achieving multiple orgasms consecutively. If you are able to make her come once, chances are you can do it again and again. (Now here are the secrets to how to give her foreplay she really wants.)

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