How To Give Her Foreplay She Really Wants

How To Give Her Foreplay She Really Wants

When it comes to sex, foreplay is something you need to get done properly so your lover is sure to enjoy her experience between the sheets. If you’re still having a tough time knowing if you’re doing things right, here are some powerful techniques you can use that will really get her going in the bedroom.

Take things slow and easy.

Women’s bodies are not wired to get sexually aroused as easily as men. While guys can get ready for a lovemaking session at the drop of a hat, women need to be warmed up before they can get into action. Rushing things is the biggest mistake that you will ever make when foreplay is concerned. Always remember that slow and easy is the way to go.

Give her a sensory overload.

Most men mistakenly believe that foreplay is all about kissing. They think that they can get the job done by just kissing their partner’s erogenous zones. Although women find kissing very provocative, it’s not enough to get them fully sexually aroused. You also have to caress your lover all over to get her really going. Keep in mind not to touch her genitals to early on to take her excitement levels off the charts.

Get talking.

Many guys tend to forget that sexual arousal for a woman is mostly psychological. Use this to your advantage by giving your wife or girlfriend kinky compliments while you’re getting down to business. Tell her how hot she looks and how excited you are to have sex with her. Describe the things you’ll do to her in bed, too. She’ll be putty in your hands as soon as you get her mind racing.

Mix things up.

Make it a point to vary your moves while giving foreplay. Don’t just kiss and caress your wife or girlfriend on the same places. Keep in mind to move on to a different erogenous zone every few minutes so she’ll experience the same level of stimulation without stopping the momentum of her arousal. Moreover, try listening to her breathing while doing this. Focus on the erogenous zone that gets her breathing deeper and faster at the same time. That’s a strong sign that she wants it to be stimulated longer.

Let her beg.

While good foreplay takes a lot of time to accomplish, the rewards of getting the job done are worth it. Don’t stop kissing, caressing and giving her sexy talk until she begs you to finally have sex with her. You know you did a great job when she practically rushes you to get inside of her. Follow these tips and your lover won’t be able to wait until your next lovemaking session. (Now here are the reasons why you should not blame yourself for coming too quickly during sex.)

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