5 First Date Secrets You Ought To Know

5 First Date Secrets You Ought To Know

Nothing beats the first date when it comes to making guys around the world anxious and stressed. What’s even worse is that a lot of men think that making a good impression during a first date purely relies on luck… an attitude which only leads to a first date nightmare instead of a memorable event.

Let me give it to you straight. Learning how to impress the girl of your dreams when you take her out won’t be a walk in the park. However, there are secrets that you can integrate with your first date program to make the job a bit easier so pay close attention…

#1 – Make sure you’ve got the date planned ahead.

Women have a soft spot for men who take the initiative and show leadership without being asked. Keep in mind to have all the details of your first date right down to pat at least three days before the big event. Nothing ruins a first date more than standing outside in the cold still unsure where to go or what to do.

#2 – Keep it friendly.

Remember not to go into full Casanova mode as soon as you see her. A first date is basically a bridge to establish a connection between you and the girl you fancy. It’s not a scheme that guarantees you will instantly have a romantic connection with her. Make her feel that your intention is primarily on being friends. Taking things too fast will only make you look desperate.

#3 – Look and smell desirable.

Women are very sensitive to visual and nasal cues. In simpler terms, this means that how you look and smell during a first date can make or break your chances of scoring another one. Make sure you pay extra attention to your hygiene before the big event and go for clothes that flaunt your assets. Women can instantly think you’re not a nice person if there’s something about the way you look that they don’t like.

#4 – The conversation should be as trivial.

Breaking the ice can be quite tough during a first date but keeping in mind that it’s supposed to build a connection rather than fast-track to the bedroom can make doing it just that bit easier. Talk to her as if you were just exchanging ideas with a friend. Ask her about the movies she likes and her favorite activities. That way, you can also plan your second date right and there.

#5 – Make your place ready to receive a guest anytime.

You just never know what will happen on a first date. It can go exactly like the way you’ve imagined…or far from it. If you play your cards right, however, you might just have the opportunity to bring her back to your place. And believe me, nothing ruins a woman’s mood more than a messy abode so make it a point to clean it up regularly. (Now here are the factors that could hinder you from getting her naked.)

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