Why You Need To Be Persuasive To Get A Second Date

Why You Need To Be Persuasive To Get A Second Date

Many guys mistakenly believe that scoring a second date is as easy as showering the girl they fancy with physical and emotional attention. They think that their chances of taking her for another night out add up if they just keep the gifts and the compliments coming. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Scoring a second date is not about emptying your bank account or having the best things to say to butter her up. Unlike what most people think, it’s all about being persuasive.

Let me explain exactly what I mean…

While this may sound surprising, convincing an attractive woman to go out with you again does not depend on how tall, rich or attractive you are. It primarily relies on your persuasion skills while asking for it.

In other words… A lot of guys only provide the “what” part when asking a woman they like for a second date. They don’t even bother to include the “how” and “why” factors of going out with them another time. And at its simplest, convincing the girl of your dreams for a second date is mostly a psychological event, which is something most guys forget.

So how do you become more persuasive? It isn’t as complicated as you may think. Here are the things that you need to do to pull it off…

Improve your appearance.

Making sure that you look and smell good is the very first step towards building up your persuasion skills. Women care as much about the messenger as much as they do the message and you may not be able to achieve the results you want without the right visual and nasal cues.

As a bonus, your confidence levels are sure to go higher when you know you look and smell good. Keep in mind to take care of the straightforward stuff like brushing your teeth, taking a long shower and dressing properly before you persuade her to go out with you another time.

Use the right tone of voice.

Not having the right tone of voice while persuading a woman for a second date can easily break your chances of pulling it off. While you must have a tone that is clear, crisp and very confident, you also shouldn’t sound as if you were giving her orders. Your facial expressions should not be overbearing either. Now this may sound rather cliché… but practicing in front of the mirror is a good way to improve this skill.

Plan ahead.

To wrap up this up… you need to have an actual plan of your second date to tell her about. She may not be that inspired by what you can only think of on the spot. Spend time to actually research for nice places to take her to and be sure that you don’t cut corners while at it. Although you’ve got to be prepared to put the time in to achieve this, the time spent is well worth it.

Here’s the secret to holding a successful conversation with a woman just to make the whole deal even more awesome.

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