4 Reasons Why Giving Her The Chance To Be Dominant In Bed Is A Good Thing

4 Reasons Why Giving Her The Chance To Be Dominant In Bed Is A Good Thing

Most women are pretty submissive when it comes to sex. They don’t like being in control and deciding which positions to go for. The majority of women like to rely on guys to take the lead in the bedroom and it’s a rarity even for the most competitive of them to tell men what to do between the sheets.

However, on occasion… Giving your wife or girlfriend the chance to be dominant in bed can do wonders for your sex life and relationship as a whole. Allowing your partner to call the shots on your next lovemaking session will not only make her feel more sexually empowered but will also strengthen your emotional bond as a couple.

Here are some more reasons why letting your partner be dominant in bed once in a while works so well…

It helps you nurture your relationship as a couple.

A healthy sex life is a must if you’re looking to take your relationship with your wife or girlfriend to a new level. Apart from letting your partner know that you don’t have an issue with her taking the helm when sex is concerned, she will also feel like you really value her satisfaction between the sheets.

It will make her more sexually adventurous.

There comes a time in your sex life when even your most exciting lovemaking moves become rather flat. Preventing this from happening is as easy as consulting your wife or girlfriend with what she wants to do before you get into action in bed. Encourage her to tell you what she’s always wanted to do…and you’ll be surprised how kinky your partner can be.

It will make her enjoy sex more.

Most women are so submissive in the bedroom that they just keep it to themselves if they’re not getting the sexual satisfaction they have hoped for. By allowing her to become more dominant between the sheets, she can easily direct you how she wants to be pleasured. All you need to do is follow her lead and you’ll soon give her the mind-blowing orgasm she’s always hoped for. (Here are the 5 mistakes that make oral sex boring to help you do just that.)

It will help you discover new things about your partner.

While most men are afraid to admit it, sex with your wife or girlfriend can become boring and repetitive over time. You can become so familiar with each other that you don’t really experience the pleasure that you felt when you were still starting out as a couple. Letting her be more sexually dominant will give you a new perspective of your partner, which won’t just help you satisfy her better in bed but will also renew your love for your wife or girlfriend in the process.

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