Why Exercise Can Make You Last Longer In Bed

Why Exercise Can Make You Last Longer In Bed

Being in good shape is synonymous with being a good lover. Even if you may think that you’re already giving your lover the sexual pleasure she needs, once you make it a point to give yourself a regular workout, you’ll be very much surprised how much your sex life will change for the better.

At its simplest, sex is basically a physical activity. You need to get your body moving and if done with passion it can drain a lot of energy in the process. And so like all physical activities, your overall fitness can easily be an indicator of how long you’ll last in bed and if you’re really pleasing your partner each time you get between the sheets.

Now unlike what most people think, exercise is essential when it comes to giving your wife or girlfriend the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted. If you still can’t connect how exercising on a regular basis can be beneficial to your next lovemaking session, let me key you in on the important details…

Firstly, regular exercise tones your muscles and makes them stronger. Since they are already used to being moved a lot, you won’t feel them getting sore and tired even after just a few minutes of action between the sheets. Just imagine experiencing a sudden muscle cramp when things are getting steamy in the bedroom. The last thing you want is to have to stop sex because of muscle problems, right?

Secondly, exercise improves the health and breathing capacity of your lungs. This means that you won’t easily get out of breath no matter how rigorous your sex session may become. Instead your breathing will remain steady even after minutes and minutes of intense lovemaking. Then, instead of you getting winded out, she’ll be the one getting breathless with the amount of sexual pleasure you’ll provide.

Thirdly, you will look better. Regularly exercise is essential for losing that unwanted fat she may have been badgering you about. Moreover, knowing that your physical appearance has improved also boosts your confidence levels, which in turn make you more sexually attractive to your wife or girlfriend.

Finally, having a healthy heart also makes you more resilient against impotence. Studies show that men who have optimum cardiovascular health not only tend to be more active during sex but also have the ability to achieve an erection faster compared to guys who don’t exercise as much. Just so you know, erectile dysfunction can totally destroy a relationship. It’s definitely high time to make exercise a regular event in your calendar and wow her the next time you get her in bed.

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