The Secret To Holding A Successful Conversation With A Woman

The Secret To Holding A Successful Conversation With A Woman

Unlike what most people think, you’ll need more than just the gift of gab to successfully hold a conversation with a woman. A lot of guys mistakenly believe that as long as you’ve got her attention, the exchange of ideas will flow naturally.

Well, here’s the cold truth… While a woman may appear to be talking to you, it doesn’t mean that she is having a conversation with you. Sure she may be actively responding to what you’re saying but it doesn’t automatically mean that she is interested to what you are talking about.

So, what is the secret of holding a successful conversation with a woman? The answer is not as complicated as you think. All you have to do is establish an emotional connection first.

Let me explain what I mean…

Getting a woman to open up and share intimate details about herself is an art. Without building an emotional connection with her, the range of topics that you can talk about is severely limited, particularly to trivial things. And this could easily be a game changer if you’re aiming to move the conversation to a more romantic direction.

The first step to building an emotional connection with a woman is showing the right amount of self-confidence. Women just love confident guys. Confidence has always been seen as something special by the members of the opposite sex.

You just have to remember though that not showing too little or too much confidence is key or else the whole thing won’t work. While the former only makes you look socially-awkward and insecure, the latter encourages her to feel that you’re just coming on too strong, so keep it just right.

The choices of topics come into play next. Carrying out a conversation with a woman is very different from having a discussion with another man. Women are very different in their preferred conversation topics. Always keep in mind that if the topic doesn’t interest a woman you could easily lose her after just a few sentences. So be sure to focus on topics of conversation that interest her.

Now, here comes the toughest part – being a good listener. Women have a soft spot for men who can attentively listen to what they’re saying and don’t interrupt. This means that you are valuing their time and attention, which effectively translates to “being a potential keeper” in woman-speak.

No matter how tempting it may be, just keep on listening and be interested. If you can still remember the name of her first pet or what her favorite sandwich is after your conversation, you’re guaranteed to have her phone number and possibly a date scheduled sooner than you expect. (Now that we’ve got that covered, here’s how to look sexually attractive to women.)

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