Why Erectile Dysfunction Can Destroy A Relationship

Why Erectile Dysfunction Can Destroy A Relationship

Let’s face it. No matter how often you can achieve an erection when things get steamy in the bedroom, there will come a time in your sex life when the perfect mood for lovemaking is totally ruined because you can’t get it up.

Sure you may think that erectile dysfunction is a heavier burden on guys rather than their wives or girlfriends but failing to get your penis hard when you need it the most is actually much tougher for your partner.

What’s even worse is that not being able to rise up to the occasion on a regular basis can ruin a successful romantic relationship just because of one reason: your wife or girlfriend will think that you don’t find her sexually attractive anymore.

While that may sound rather excessive and you may think she’ll believe you when you tell her otherwise, this is how women interpret this situation. Every time you fail to achieve an erection it makes her feel unattractive and undesirable. Then, soon enough the arguments start coming in and you suddenly find yourself without a wife or girlfriend.

So how do you really cope with erectile dysfunction? Well, the answer is not as complicated as you may think. Here’s what do should this happen to you…

Explain your situation to your partner.

Most men tend to keep the reason behind their erectile dysfunction a secret instead of telling their wives or girlfriends about it. Since their partners do not have an idea what they are going through, strains in their relationship erupt, which almost always end up in a nasty breakup.

Make sure you tell your partner the reason why you’re struggle with erectile dysfunction, whether you think it’s stress, health, fatigue or something else, because this way she’s much less likely to take it personally, at least in the short-run, so you can work through it together.

Make positive changes to your lifestyle.

It’s still not the end of the world if you find yourself not being able to achieve an erection or perhaps keeping one going long enough for sex. One step you can immediately take to help is to improve your lifestyle. Look at it as a cue that you need to de-stress and ease up on any excessive smoking, drinking or laziness when it comes to exercise.

Learn how to be more skilled with your tongue and fingers.

Immediately sexually penetrating your partner in bed isn’t the number one requirement when it comes to giving her the pleasure she’s always wanted. Apart from brushing up on your oral sex skills, learning a trick or two using your fingers during a sex session will come in handy when you’re having trouble achieving an erection.

Just focus on stimulating her erogenous zones as effectively as possible and you’re sure to make her achieve a mind-blowing orgasm sooner than you think…  Plus when you start seeing your lover squirming and screaming from all the pleasure you may just find this kicks your erection back in gear. (Moreover, here’s how to make your partner try anal sex.)

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