How to Look Sexually Attractive to Women

How to Look Sexually Attractive to Women

Sexual arousal and physical attraction are pretty much the same for us men. We tend to get sexually aroused because we see something that’s attractive. All it takes to get us going sexually is just seeing a pair of perky breasts or well-shaped behind.

Women, however, their idea of “sexy” is much more complicated than you think.

While looking like a male model can boost your chances of sexually arousing a woman, physical appearance isn’t really the attribute you should maximize if you’re looking to get her in bed. Let me explain what I mean…

I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen an attractive woman walking hand in hand with a guy who has no obvious good looks at all. You immediately think about the possible reasons why she’s with him and not with you. A multitude of thoughts run inside your head. Maybe you think this guy has a fancy car or is extremely rich.

But even so, it just doesn’t seem to make sense why she’s with him.

Well… perhaps it’s that this guy has already mastered the art of demonstrating confidence and is using it to his advantage.

See, unlike what most people think, sexual attraction for a woman is more than just a pretty face. Women are actually drawn more to men who can display natural confidence because for them, confidence is sexy.

So… can you say that you’re already confident enough to attract women sexually? If you said yes to that question, congratulations. If you said no, however, there’s no need to worry just yet. There are a couple of simple things you can do to become more confident around women.

Firstly, there is a link between your overall appearance and self-confidence. If you know you look good, you automatically feel good. Always keep in mind to pay extra attention to your hygiene each and every day.

Make it a point to look like the boy next door when you get out of the house. This is also your cue to get rid of old-school clothes you’ve been hanging on to. Go for form-fitting shirts and pants that flaunt your assets to instantly score a lot of points in the charm department with the ladies.

Secondly, practise acting confident. Start waving to your neighbors, start smiling at people you meet when you walk down the street and start holding conversations with waiters next time you’re eating out.

Become an all-round sociable and confident person.  The more you become comfortable around other people, the easier it is for you to act more naturally around women. Always remember that women have a rather uncanny ability to detect if you’re only pretending to be confident.

Make socializing a regular activity in your calendar and you’re sure to become more relaxed while mingling with the ladies sooner than you think. Learn what really impresses her during a first date to make the deal even sweeter.

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