Are You Making This Very Serious Dating Mistake?

Are You Making This Very Serious Dating Mistake?

If you’re like most guys, you’ve probably already had your share of dating hits and misses over the years. However, if you’ve gone through more dating disasters than you’d care to mention, you’re probably making this very big mistake that could easily ruin a date no matter how fantastic things may be going at the start.

This mistake is being overconfident.

Sure demonstrating how confident you are when you’re out with an attractive woman can score you a lot of points in the charm department. Overdoing it, however, will only lead to the exact opposite.

Although other so-called “relationship gurus” claim that displaying a cocky attitude while going on a date with a romantic prospect boosts your masculinity and supposedly makes your date feel that you are the alpha male, I’ll give you a few reasons why being overconfident can mess up a date even before you even get started:

#1 – It makes your date feel like you’re just coming on too strong.

Confidence is all about acting and speaking the right way at the right time. Overconfidence is pretty much being a complete jerk. You talk fresh and act like she’s the one that should be thankful for having a date with you, but if you put yourself in her shoes, would you like to date yourself if you ever had the chance?

#2 – She will think that you’re only putting on a show.

We all have to admit that showing confidence is not a move that most guys can easily pull off. Although it comes quite easily for some men, others need a bit of prodding to be as confident as they can. Being overconfident makes your date feel that you are only faking it, because having true authentic confidence means you don’t have to try too hard just to impress women.

#3 – Your date will think that you’re annoying.

Being too confident can transform you into the worst date ever. Overconfidence makes you feel that it’s alright to interrupt her when she’s sharing intimate details about herself – which is perhaps one of the biggest blunders you will ever make when you are on a date. Women have a soft spot for men who are great listeners and being too confident can ruin it all for you sooner than you think.

#4 – It makes her feel you’re acting that way because you’re secretly insecure.

I’m sure you’ve heard of “little man syndrome?” It can be summed up by a man acting too aggressive or too pompous to make up for something he greatly lacks. It could be his height, his bank account or the size of his nether regions. Overconfidence can make a woman think that you have this problem immediately. Now that we’ve got all that covered, take it up a notch by learning the secrets of dressing up for a first date.

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