How to Make Your Partner Try Anal Sex

How to Make Your Partner Try Anal Sex

Just the mere mention of “anal sex” during a lovemaking session to some women can completely ruin the mood.

If you’d had this happen to you it can seem like going at it using the backdoor isn’t that popular with the ladies…


You know the secrets of making her try anal sex.

Unlike what most people believe, there are actually ways how you can make the idea of anal sex appealing to your wife or girlfriend. And it all starts with the simplest of them all: verbal reinforcement, which is basically the technical term for “repeating an idea over and over until she’s convinced to give it a try.”

Sure you may think that you’ve asked her for anal sex more times than you’d care to mention but perhaps you were just using the wrong approach. Did you paint a picture that the experience will be something that you two can enjoy together? Have you give her multiple valid reasons why she should try it? If not, well there’s your problem.

Another reason why the majority of women tend to steer clear of anal sex is that most guys tend to be very blunt at hinting about it during lovemaking. Some guys just go ahead and sneak their penis inside their partner’s anus without letting her know first. Besides being very uncomfortable, it’s also very rude and not the way to go about it.

Try instead building up her curiosity about trying anal sex by making her aware of the sensations that go along with it. A very simple way to do it is by including caressing her butt cheeks in your foreplay repertoire. Depending on how you’d like to go about it, you can either choose to massage or tickle them… or you can go for both.

If you think your wife or girlfriend has already become accustomed to the caressing and teasing her butt cheeks receive during sex, you can attempt sliding a finger around the rim of her anus on your next lovemaking session. Don’t take it too hard if she doesn’t want her anus stimulated. It just means she needs more time to adapt to the new sensation. Even if she lets you though, don’t try anything drastic just yet.

The thought of being sexually penetrated in the anus can be quite tough for most women. Apart from being viewed as taboo by most women, the stigma of being painful also stop women from wanting to try it.

So, if she’s finally consented to give anal sex a try, make sure you get your hands on a bottle of water-based lubricant and use a lot of it. Always remember to take things slow and easy. The tissue in and around the anus can tear easily and doing so can make anal sex really uncomfortable.

Just to wrap things up, don’t even think about inserting your penis in her vagina straight after having anal sex without washing it thoroughly first. The anus harbors a lot of bacteria and your wife or girlfriend can get a number of infections that way. Moreover, find out why relaxing during sex helps you last longer.

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