Why Cleanliness is Synonymous to Dating Success

Why Cleanliness is Synonymous to Dating Success

Unless you’re some sort of Casanova or Ryan Gosling, women can be very meticulous about the way you present yourself during a date, especially when it comes to hygiene. Let me explain in more detail to see if your hygiene is preventing you from scoring that seemingly elusive second date.

Women have always been extremely sensitive to visual and nasal cues when they are searching for a potential mate. And this means that if you don’t look or smell in a way that they approve of, your chances of hooking up with the ladies will be close to impossible.

The worse news is that no matter how swanky your clothes are or how impressive your car is, you’re still at risk of being rejected for a second date…

So, where should you start when you’re looking to wow her on your first date? Well, the most important thing you need to take care of is changing your mindset. Most men tend to think that just putting on their favorite shirt and canvas shoes will earn them a second date.

The secret to this is learning how to have the appeal that women like without overdoing it. They like it when you look and smell like a man but not in a way that becomes annoying.

So… how do you that?

Let me key in on some important details…

Firstly, you need to have a long shower to get you all squeaky clean. If you’re aiming to score a second date or perhaps getting lucky on the first one, you should be as clean and fresh as possible. Make sure you lather up and get scrubbing!

Secondly, trimming your fingernails and getting rid of that stubble should be the next item on your agenda. Keep in mind to have your shaving strokes as even as can be so you won’t have unsightly, wayward tufts of facial hair afterwards. The smoother your face is, the better. Go easy on the aftershave too. Sure it may smell nice but too much will be just annoying to your date.

Thirdly, don’t forget to splash on some deodorant. Stinky armpits only mean game over to your dating career. Go for a musky variety that smells good but doesn’t irritate after a while. Whether you’re using a roll-on or a stick, don’t hesitate to use a liberal amount.

Lastly, floss and brush your teeth meticulously. You’re going to flaunt your pearly whites a lot during a first date so they better be spotless. Just imagine the awkward moments that will follow when you flash her a smile and a piece of spinach is lodged in there! How about learning what really impresses her during a first date to take it up a notch?

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