5 Ways to De-Stress Your Life

5 Ways to De-Stress Your Life

If you’re like most men, you have probably felt stressed out time and again. While studies show that stress can actually make you more alert and capable at solve technical problems, too much of it can easily affect your health, career and even relationships.

So let me ask you… are you feeling a bit more irritable and sensitive than usual these days? If so, it could be already a sign that you need to let off some steam and de-stress your life before it gets worse. Here are a few useful pointers that will help you get started in no time at all:

Know what your stress triggers are.

Stress occurs because there are people or things that trigger the whole process. They are called “stressors” and identifying them is the very first step towards significantly reducing, if not eliminating, stress in your life. Take time to write them down, reflect why they stress you out and think of ways how you can make them less stressful.

Improve your lifestyle.

While stress mostly comes from external factors, your lifestyle choices can also make the whole thing worse. Indulging in too much tobacco and alcohol, not eating the right food and having a sedentary lifestyle won’t just lead to more stress but severe health problems as well. Drinking and smoking too much will also lead to erectile dysfunction and a lot of other sexual problems, too, so you better be careful.

Learn how to say no.

Many guys tend to become very stressed out because they can’t say no to a commitment. Whether it’s a request to help a friend move to a new apartment or an invitation for a few beers at your local bar, some guys struggle to reject an offer even if they already have a previous commitment in line. Learn how to say no and you’ll be surprised how stress-free your life will become almost instantly.

Tackle one thing at a time.

Although the idea of multitasking at home or at work is really widespread right now due to the popularity of the Internet and all the latest gadgets, smartphone, tablets, etc. but not knowing which task to prioritize first can easily lead to stress. Start off your day by listing down the most important assignment you should take on and finish it. Then move on to the next task. It’s as simple as that.

Set boundaries for home and work.

Bringing your work at home is perhaps the biggest mistake you will ever make when stress is concerned. Not only does it interfere with your relationship with your wife, girlfriend or other loved ones, it also negatively impacts your sex life. Make it a point to set clear start and stop times for work. Now that we’ve got that covered, learn why relaxing during sex helps you last longer.

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