Why Relaxing During Sex Helps You Last Longer

Why Relaxing During Sex Helps You Last Longer

The idea of having sex can be very exciting especially to us guys – so exciting in fact, that some men find themselves ejaculating sooner than they’d like when things get steamy in the bedroom.

Now, if you’re looking to last longer on your next lovemaking session, learning how to manage your sexual excitement is a great way to do that. Let me show you what I mean…

When engaging in sexual activity, most men tend to rush things. All they care about is experiencing the pleasure of having their penis inside their partner’s vagina. These men get too caught up with the sensation overload and as a result they quickly find themselves reaching orgasm prematurely.

Anatomically-speaking, a penis is made up of extra sensitive tissue that can be stimulated even with the lightest touch. If stimulated long enough, the brain signals the body to activate the ejaculation process.

This is where managing your sexual excitement comes in.

Learning how to strategically lower your excitement during sex not only tricks your body into thinking that your penis needs more stimulation but also postpones the whole orgasm process since it thinks that you are not ready to ejaculate yet. Thus, you last longer in bed.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Let me share a few pointers to help you get started on keeping your excitement levels down the next time the opportunity to get between the sheets presents itself:

#1 – Keep in mind that the experience is about her pleasure too. Most men seem to forget that sex is supposed to be a mutual activity. They tend to leave out their partners in the equation as soon as the action starts. When you find yourself on the verge of having sex with your wife or girlfriend, always remember that she also needs her sexual satisfaction and it’s not all about you. Focusing on her sexual pleasure not only enhances her enjoyment of sex, but it also takes you attention off of your own excitement.

#2 – Thrust slowly and gently. Nothing beats thrusting like it’s the end of the world when it comes to experiencing prematurely ejaculation. Sexual excitement that’s off the charts coupled with speedy stimulation is the perfect formula for coming too soon. You’ll be surprised how much longer you will last when you keep your thrusts slow and gentle. (Here are a few more tips on why she doesn’t orgasm anymore.)

#3 – Stop worrying about premature ejaculation. Many guys worry so much about ejaculating prematurely during sex that they do just that. Instead of focusing on how long you will last in bed, again, try shifting your concentration to how you will satisfy your partner. Like I said before, this will not only make sex more enjoyable for her, but it’ll stop you from worrying too.

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