What Really Impresses Her During a First Date

What Really Impresses Her During a First Date

If you’re like most men, you’re still probably wondering what really impresses a woman during a first date. While many guys think it’s having lots of cash, an expensive car or taking her somewhere extra fancy, the real answer just might surprise you.

Believe it or not, it is confidence.

What really impresses women during a first date is being able to demonstrate to her that you are the man.

Let me explain…

Women are sticklers for confidence. Studies show that while physical features rank high up in their list of attraction factors, women tend to go for a man who can show confidence easily.

Have you ever seen a hot girl walking hand in hand with a not-so-attractive guy while cruising down the street? Well, that is confidence in play right there…which brings us to my next point…

How can you become more confident around women?

Becoming confident is not as easy as putting on an expensive shirt or wearing a diamond-encrusted watch. Although we are all inherently confident to begin with, some of us just need to practice showing it more often. Believe me, there’s no need to worry just yet if you think you’re just not a naturally confident person.

As simple as it sounds, you just have to practice being confident and the rest rolls into place sooner than you think. Let me give you a few pointers on how to practice being your confident self – and wow the girl of your dreams when you ask her out…

Firstly, improving your hygiene is a must if you’re looking to become more confident.

Make sure you take long showers in a regular basis, brush your teeth and don’t forget to shave off that stubble as well as trim those fingernails. Confidence is all about feeling good about yourself and you can’t ever be confident if you don’t feel fresh and squeaky clean.

Secondly, putting a little effort into your physical appearance should be next on your checklist.

Although, I mentioned earlier that confidence is not something that you wear, knowing that you look good can bolster your cool in no time at all. It doesn’t matter if the clothes and accessories you wear aren’t top of the line. As long as they fit you right and you look good in them, you’re in the clear.

Thirdly, confidence needs to be practiced time and again, not just when you are out with attractive women.

Make it a point to give your neighbor a friendly wave when you pass him by the street, smile at the waitress taking your order at lunch and pet a dog on your morning jog. Next thing you know, you will notice a special kind of bounce in your step and people (especially the ladies) will gravitate toward you. Also, here are a few tips to avoid an awkward first date to guide you.

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