Ways to Tell If She is Faking It

Ways to Tell If She is Faking It

Let me hit you with the hard truth… Just because your wife or girlfriend is moaning enthusiastically when you’re making love doesn’t mean that she’s necessarily enjoying the experience. Even if she moans and groans all night, there’s still a chance that she’s just faking it. Here are the signs that you should look out for on your next sex session.

#1 – She’s not that wet.

Vaginal lubrication is the number one sign that a woman is sexually aroused. If she’s constantly reaching for the bottled artificial stuff when you’re in the middle of intercourse, it could be a sign that she’s not that into it.

#2 – Her body feels stiff.

While the adrenaline rush that goes with sexual arousal makes your wife’s or girlfriend’s body a bit rigid, it shouldn’t remain stiff the whole time you’re having a lovemaking session. Tension can be expected when she’s aroused but too much is a different story.

#3 – She’s not breathing deeply.

Heavy breathing is one of the most obvious signs that she’s extremely sexually aroused. If you notice that her breathing is quite shallow, it’s a sign that you may have to pick up the pace to get her in mood.

#4 – Her focus isn’t on you.

She could be faking it if her attention is on something else instead of you. Your wife or girlfriend shouldn’t be looking at her watch or anything else when the both of you are going at it between the sheets. If she couldn’t maintain eye contact with you it’s not a good sign.

#5 – Her nipples are not erect.

She should have hard nipples if she’s really sexually aroused. They should be perky and taut when touched. Try caressing her breasts and if you find them not as hard as they should be, she could be taking you for a ride in bed.

#6 – She’s rushing you to finish up.

Constantly hearing your wife or girlfriend ask if you’re already near orgasm is a strong indicator that she’s not enjoying it. A woman who’s really sexually aroused is so busy taking in all the sensations that she can and rarely has time to even notice anything else.

#7 – Her reactions seem…fake.

Do you think her moans are just too loud? Does she seem oversensitive to your touch and caresses? Are the gyrations of her hips rather different? Do you think she is just overreacting? If you have a gut feeling that she’s faking it, chances are she is. (You also have to learn this mistake that could make your wife leave you while you’re at it!)

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