Mistakes to Avoid When Giving a Woman a Massage

Mistakes to Avoid When Giving a Woman a Massage

Nothing beats kneading your wife’s or girlfriend’s tired muscles when it comes to scoring points in the sensuality department.

There are a few things to take note of, however, if you’re looking to give her the sensation overload that she’s always wanted. Let me key you in the massaging mistakes to avoid to make your next one unforgettable.

Not starting with the right environment.

Before you bust out your massaging chops, prepping up the room where the action happens should be your very first priority. Make sure you clean it up as much as you can and try to keep the look as minimalist as possible. The more relaxed it looks, the cozier it feels.

Not having the right tools in your arsenal.

Sure, dry massages may be very relaxing but you can easily take the experience up a notch if you have an aromatic oil or two to work with. Besides making your strokes and movements smoother by providing lubrication, the amazing smells are will drive her wild as well.

Not having the right ambiance.

Make her feel like she’s getting a full spa treatment. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your feminine side while doing this. Should you dim the lights a bit? What kind of pillows would she like? Brainstorm all the things you can do to add more ambiance.

Not putting on nice tunes.

Playing the right music while you’re giving your sweetheart a massage not only takes away the tension from her weary muscles but also makes her more relaxed while you’re doing magic with your fingers. Try Googling “spa music” if you’re still having a tough time choosing which album to go for.

Not keeping it slow and easy until you finish.

Massages are supposed to be slow and gentle to make them as relaxing as possible. Taking things fast will only ruin the mood. While you need to give each of your strokes a firm touch to apply the most amount of sensation, remember to take it slow and easy at all times.

Not brushing up on your massaging know-how.

Having a trick or two up your sleeve when you’re giving her a massage is absolutely a plus. Take the time to research specific massaging techniques so know how to knead her tired muscles and before long you’ll have the skills to give her the best massage ever. (Now we’ve got that covered, here are a few tips to help you to last longer in bed, too.)


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