4 Ways to Prevent an Awkward First Date

4 Ways to Prevent an Awkward First Date

February 26, 2013  |  Dating Advice

First dates can be rather stressful, nerve-wracking and ridiculously uncomfortable if you don’t have an idea how to do it right. If you’re planning to ask out the girl of your dreams soon, here are some top-notch pointers that guarantee you will have an unforgettable time together:

Plan ahead meticulously.

Arranging the details of your date as carefully as you can is the very first thing that you should take care of before inviting her out. Leaving your date to chance is perhaps the biggest mistake you’ll ever make if you want it to be smooth and enjoyable for the both of you.

Come to think of it, what’s more awkward than finding yourself standing aimlessly next to your exasperated date wondering what to do next?

Keep the conversation trivial.

No matter how dedicated you are to the preservation of corals in the Pacific Ocean or your views about politics and religion, they are definitely not the best topics to discuss during a first date. Prevent minutes and minutes of awkward silence during your first night out by carefully choosing which subjects to talk about.

Need a hint? Ask your date what her favorite sandwich is or what the name of her first pet is and you’re already good to go.

Take her somewhere familiar.

You won’t be in for an awkward date if you take the girl of your dreams to a place she is really familiar with. Whether it’s her favorite bar in town or local deli slash comfort food stopover, your date is sure to be more conversational and good-natured compared to taking her someplace else.

Pro-tip: Unless she informs you beforehand, never bring her to a fancy restaurant on your first date. It might turn out to be more like of a job interview in the process than an intimate event.

Pay attention to her.

Most men tend to forget that avoiding an awkward date (and scoring a second night out in town while at it) is as easy as listening closely to what their potential sweethearts are saying. Be it the name of her dog or favorite romantic comedy movie of all time, you will never know when she’ll quiz you up a bit to see if you’re paying attention.

With that said, never ask her to pull out her wallet from her purse no matter what. You’ll lose a lot of debonair points in the perfect date department that way!

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