4 Tips that Make and Keep Your Girlfriend as Loyal to You as Possible

4 Tips that Make and Keep Your Girlfriend as Loyal to You as Possible

February 25, 2013  |  Relationship Advice

Sure, infidelity may not be as rampant among women as it is among us guys but you could lose your girlfriend when you least expect it if you’re not very careful. Believe it or not, there are actually secrets to make your girlfriend loyal to you in a relationship and keep it that way. Read on to learn how to do just that in 4 easy ways.

Keep her as attracted to you as possible.

Most men tend to become a bit careless when they finally get the girl of their dreams. They don’t try to woo their girlfriends as they did when they were still dating or look as presentable to them as before. Just because she fell in love with you it doesn’t mean that she won’t fall out of love with you sooner or later. Keep her as attracted to you as you can.

Appreciate her as much as you can.

Making your girlfriend feel appreciated is a great way to keep her as loyal to you as possible. Thank her for the things she does for you each day no matter how insignificant they may be to you. Don’t forget to say thank you when she cooks you a meal. Compliment her choice of apparel and perfume. Tell her how much she means to you. The bottom line is… Make her feel the most loved woman in the world each time the opportunity presents itself and she’ll stick to you like a magnet.

Don’t bark orders at her.

Always remember to use loving language with her no matter what. Things might get rough in your relationship along the way but never make her feel like you’re her drill sergeant ever. It’s alright to be angry with her at times but never use strong words that will make her feel unloved. Women are very sensitive to verbal cues and if you cross the line, it is possible that she could have a wandering eye for another man without you knowing.

Spend time with her.

Neglecting your girlfriend is a very big no-no when you want to her cement her loyalty to you. If she wants to see you, make it a point to be with her no matter where she is or what time it is. Being with her when she needs you gives her the feeling that you’re a keeper and she won’t even think about being in the arms of another man ever.

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